Monday, March 2, 2009

Hanging Rock Loop

Starting point: Greensboro Amtrak Station

Hanging Rock is spectacular. Do this ride as a century or as an overnight camping trip. Here are some snaps from when Roger Truit and I rode it in the Fall of 2006:
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Bikely Route Map

Starting Point Maps (Greensboro Amtrak Depot):

1 Adult Passenger—Rail Fare: $22.00 round-trip
Departing: Raleigh, NC (RGH) To Greensboro, NC (GRO)
Service Departs Arrives Duration Amenities Seats/Rooms
73 Piedmont Raleigh, NC - (RGH) 7:05 am Greensboro, NC - (GRO) 8:34 am 1h 29m Checked baggage 1 Reserved Coach Seat
Returning: Greensboro, NC (GRO) To Raleigh, NC (RGH)
Service Departs Arrives Duration Amenities Seats/Rooms
74 Piedmont Greensboro, NC - (GRO) 7:05 pm Raleigh, NC - (RGH) 8:40 pm 1h 35m Checked baggage, Snack car 1 Reserved Coach Seat
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Cycles de Oro
Greensbro, NC

Go to the Bikely / Google Interactive Route Map

Amtrak Station (Greensboro NC)

0.0Greensboro Amtrak
0.0W 0.2Washington St (go west)
0.2R 5.9Elm St (alt: Church St)
6.1- 0.5through roundabout onto Bass Chappel Rd
6.6L 2.5Regent's Park Ln
(a neighborhood street)
9.1L 0.5Lake Brandt Rd
9.6R 1.3Old Battleground (2340)
10.9- 0.7becomes Horse Pen Creek Rd
11.6R 1.8Carlson Dairy Rd (Greensboro CC)
13.4L 0.3Pleasant Ridge Rd (store)
BR TRO Pleasant Ridge Rd
(NOT Lewiston)
13.7R 1.1Stanley Huff Rd
14.8L 3.4Bunch Rd
18.2L 1.5Oak Ridge Rd (NC-150)
Cross NC-68; Wendy's, Supermarkets, etc.
19.7R 2.1Linville Rd
21.8L 0.2Haw River Rd
22.0R 2.6Goodwill Ch Rd (Guilford)
becomes Freeman Rd
24.6L 0.1Piney Grove Rd
24.7R 2.1Goodwill Ch Rd (Forsyth)
26.8R 1.7Belews Creek Rd
28.5L 5.1NC-65
33.6R 0.0Stokesburg Rd
Cross RR Tracks
33.6R 0.5Main St (NC-89/US-311) Walnut Cove
Restaurants, ABC Store
34.1L 6.53rd St (Walnut Cove)
BR becomes Piney Mountain Rd
40.6R 0.6NC-8
41.2L 1.0Flat Shoals Rd
(S. Stokes VFD)
42.2R 0.9TRO Flat Shoals Rd
43.1BL 4.5TRO Flat Shoals Rd
(Scenic view of Hanging Rock on the right)
47.6BR 0.5(2nd) Covington Rd 2008
48.1BR 0.8Capella School Rd
48.9BR .NC-66 climb through the pass
between HR and Sauratown.
Convenience store
At 49.4 you could turn left onto the very scenic Taylor Rd for bonus miles or to climb Sauratown
50.0R 5.3Moore's Spring Rd
55.3R -Hanging Rock SP Rd.
IF going up!
55.3R 1.6Moore's Spring Rd
East, toward Danbury
56.9R 5.0NC-8/NC-89
61.9BL6.9TRO NC-89 (NOT 8) joins US-311
then becomes Main St in Walnut Cove
68.8L0.0Stokesburg Rd
Cross RR Tracks
73.9L0.4Belews Creek Rd TRO NC-65
74.3R0.8TRO Belews Creek Rd / NC-65
75.1R1.7Kernersville Rd
76.8R1.0becomes Piney Grove Rd
77.8L2.6Freeman Rd
becomes Goodwill Ch Rd
80.4L0.2Haw River Rd
80.6R2.1Linville Rd
82.7L1.7Oak Ridge Rd (NC-150)
84.4R0.7Bunch Rd
85.1BR2.7TRO Bunch Rd
87.8R1.1Stanley Huff Rd
88.9L0.3Pleasant Ridge Rd (Store)
89.3R1.8Carlson Dairy Rd (NOT Lewiston)
(Greensboro CC)
91.1L0.7Horse Pen Creek Rd
91.8-1.3becomes Old Battleground (2340)
93.1L0.5Lake Brandt Rd
93.7R1.4Regent's Park Ln
95.1R0.7Bluff Run Dr
95.8L0.3Lake Jeanette Rd
96.1R5.9(through roundabout) Elm St (alt: Church St)
102.0L0.2Washington St
102.2R0.0Greensboro Amtrak

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