Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alaska Randonneurs ready to ride

The Kenai Peninsula Clarion reports that the Alaskak Randonneurs are ready to ride:

Randonneurs ready to ride

The Alaska Randonneurs kick off the 2009 randonneuring season with two rides on the Kenai Peninsula.

On March 28, the End-of-the-Road 200-kilometer brevet will start from Two Sisters Bakery in Homer. On April 11, the North Kenai Peninsula 200-kilometer brevet will start from the Kenai Safeway.

The long-distance bicycle rides are scenic, challenging and noncompetitive. For more information, visit


Mike Dayton said...

I wanna go there for a ride in the midnight sun.

Kevin T said...

Thanks for the coverage, Adrian!! How did that even show up on your radar?!

Mike, pack up your bike and come and join us!! We're having our 600K over solstice. It's a stunningly beautiful course. We love to have visitors!

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