Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cycle Across America
> … At another gas station in Rayne we met Josette, she wanted to take a photo of the wording on our tops “Impossible is nothing” to send to her brother Adrian who suffers with ALS
> Adrian was a keen cyclist and is unable to cycle now due to ALS. However he is in India having some stem cell treatment. We wish him well and hope he is able to get back on his bike. We will devote tomorrows ride to Adrian and wish him all the best for the future. I have copied and pasted “What is ALS?” from the ALS website.
> When I hear about people like Adrian, it reminds me how fortunate I am. It makes me appreciate all the things I am able to do, especially the little things I often take for granted like walk, run, cycle.
Unfortunately, it seems I brought them little luck:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Sean and James are both in hospital after being hit by a truck in Louisiana.
Sean is in surgery now with a broken back, pelvis and other injuries, James has lots of road rash possible broken ribs, stiches and minor injuries. Your messages of support for both the lads and there families are greatly appreciated.
We will keep you updated.