Sunday, March 7, 2010


We are here! And we are online! sorta

Good flight, with a couple of interesting moments. Continental added
Cleveland to our route to Newark, due to snow cancellations. After a
beautiful first leg, my inner cannula clogged on the skybridge just
before we entered the plane. We cleared it up, but it left me a little
shook up for the rest of the flight.

Our biggest fear was running out of ventilator battery, but that fear
was obviated by the avaiability on the long flight on the 777, of 110
volt AC under the seat, even in coach.

At Newark we boarded the 777 which flew us 6 miles above Greenland,
iceland, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Moscow, Volgograd, the Caspian
Sea, Turkmenistan, Kabul, Pakistan to Delhi (Dilli). If you come to
join us, a window seat is advised.

Continental was great. They transferred me between wheelchairs nicely
and took care of my own wheelchair -- no damage. We had one other
incident of the inner cannula clogging, and Continental provided
oxygen for both incidents, even though it probably wasn't necessary.
They offered to pre-board us at Newark, but we weren't ready so they
boarded us last.

Paramedics came to meet us at Newark, but we convinced them everything
was ok. 75 degrees in Dilli. We checked in with the local hospital
just to open a file in my name. They took vitals and everything is

Ravi's classmate from the University, Pavitra, met us at the airport
with her dad and assisted us with transportation, along with an
ambulance ride from airport to hospital and one more from hospital to
hotel. For the first ambulance ride they lifted Adrian up in a manual
chair and lifted the wheelchair in behind him, and on the second one
they lifted him bodily in the wheelchair (and out of) the ambulance.

Now we are in the beautiful hotel Sara on Green Park Extension. The
wheelchair entered through the ramp of the MRI center next door. John
and Vicky provided huge levels of support in getting us here.

Thank you to all of you who helped us get out the door at the other
end. Please forward our status to interested parties not included on
this email.


algocode said...
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algocode said...

I'm glad that everybody is taking good care of you and that you didn't have spend 15 hours worrying about the battery.

Sara Huston said...

Yea! Glad you are there, and glad that Continental took good care of y'all. Love the name of your hotel. :) Thought of you while we were all riding 2x200K's this weekend - Loop ride Wallace-Atlantic Beach-Wallace; rode through Emerald Isle on day 2, CNC end-of-ride party in 2006. Will be following your posts!