Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mission '07

Back in 2007, while visiting San Francisco, I picked up a genuine Dutch cruiser on Craigslist--a white Batavus with Sturmey-Archer three-speed--and rode it all over the city day & night, on several SFBC rides, across the Golden Gate Bridge, to the beach with Critical Manners, etc.. My employer put me up in a nice hotel during the conference, where I worried that management might object to me bringing the bike inside. I didn't need to worry--the day manager and night manager fought each other for dibs on the right to buy the bike off me when I left town.

But afterward, when the Zeitgeist (biker bar) told me that I couldn't sleep there, I found lodging one night in a real dive of a hotel before moving to the excellent Elements Hostel in the Mission. San Francisco is famously cool and foggy, but the Mission is an oasis of dry sunshininess.

Here's a video:

(or on [vimeo] where you can full-screen it, or download the ".mov".)

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algocode said...

Truely an oasis of sunshine with a great view.